Visit of Friedhelm Schieweck

July and September 2014 : Professor Friedhelm Schieweck (University of Magdeburg) was supported for a two-week visit at the CERMICS Laboratory within the Labex Bezout. The visit took place from 17 to 25 July and from 22 to 26 September 2014. Pr. Schieweck delivered two one-hour lectures in front of an audience composed of researchers and PhD students from CERMICS and LAMA : (i) An efficient exactly divergence-free dG-method for incompressible flow problems based on composite finite elements on 23 July, (ii) A Flux-Corrected Transport method based on local projection stabilization for non-stationary transport problems on 24 September. Concerning research activities, a collaboration was started with A. Ern (CERMICS) on new schemes to approximate numerically the Stokes equations. The benefits of the new schemes are that they are of arbitrary order, can be deployed on general meshes, and respect conservation properties of the physical model. The writing of a publication has been started and should be completed in 2015.