Visit of professor Sergey Bobkov

January – March 2013 : Sergey Bobkov, a professor at University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, visited LAMA for two months from 7 january to 6 march 2013. He gave a series of three  lectures devoted to  ‘Entropy, central limit theorem, and related problems’.  These lectures were related to his recent  work  on Berry-Essen bounds in the entropic central limit theorem.  At the same time, he worked with N. Gozlan, C. Roberto (Université Paris 10) and P.-M. Samson on quantitative versions of  the logarithmic Sobolev inequality for n-dimensional standard Gaussian measure. The deficit in the logarithmic Sobolev inequality is estimated by means of transport and information-theoretic distances. This work has been published in the Journal of Functional Analysis in 2014. In 2014, Bobkov, Gozlan, Roberto and Samson  started a new collaboration  on  isoperimetric  and Sobolev inequalities for  convex domains of the Euclidean sphere. The Labex will support two one month stays of  Bobkov  in June 2015 and in 2016.