Meeting of the Scientific Board

January 10, 2020 — The scientific board of the Bézout Labex will be gathered for a one-day meeting, with an extensive presentation of the Labex and scientific talks.  This event will take place from 9:30am to 6pm in the Copernic building (RER A stop “Noisy-Champs”, exit at the head of the train from Paris and to the right, then walk 10 minutes); see the access map.


The members of the scientific board are:

(Probably final) program

This meeting will take place in the Copernic building, in room 0B120 (at street level, close to the elevators), except for the events marked with a star, which will take place on the 4th floor (room 4B107, or in the common areas for the lunch).

09:30 for the scientific board members only: welcome coffee (*)
10:00 presentation of the Labex, past and present (Éric Colin de Verdière)
10:40 research area 1 “images and geometry” (Alfredo Hubard, Yukiko Kenmochi)
11:05 research area 2 “discrete mathematics and algorithms” (Matthieu Fradelizi)
11:30 break
11:50 research area 3 “stochastic and deterministic models” (Étienne Sandier)
12:15 research area 4 “high-dimensional phenomena” (Jamal Najim)
12:40 lunch (*) (registration is closed)
14:00 research area 5 “smart cities” (Laurent Hauswirth, Rami Langar)
14:25 scientific talk 1 (Arnaud de Mesmay: “From Riemannian geometry to graph theory and back”)
14:55 scientific talk 2 (Pierre-André Zitt: “Understanding a self-repelling Monte Carlo algorithm”)
15:25 the future of the Labex (Éric Colin de Verdière)
15:45 break internal to the scientific board members (*)
16:05 discussion with the persons in charge of the master’s programs (*)
16:30 discussion with the direction of the Labex and the three laboratories (*)
17:15 internal discussion of the scientific board (*)
18:00 the end