Visit of Professor Caramellino

July 2021, Sep. 2021: Professor Lucia Caramellino is visiting the Bézout LabEx and is hosted by Aurélien Alfonsi (CERMICS) and Vlad Bally (LAMA) for six weeks in total.

Lucia Caramellino is a researcher at the university of Roma Tor Vergata, department Mathematics.

They work on the regularity for the semigroup of jump equations. More precisely, following the results stated in [1],  they study the regularity (i.e. existence and regularity of the density) of the Markov semigroup associated with a jump equation. In [1], general results on the regularity of Markov semigroups are studied, based on [2]. The current work concerns  jump equations driven by a homogeneous Poisson point measure. In order to use the results in [1], the “small jumps” are replaced by a diffusive term, a technique already used in the literature but in a different context (mainly for simulation problems). This approach gives rise to a sequence of regular Markov semigroups converging, in a suitable way, to the Markov semigroup associated with the jump equation at hand. But the sequence of the densities blows up, so the “interpolation technique” from [1] is then used to recover the limit density and its regularity properties.

A possible topic of research will be the analysis of the high order approximation schemes developed in [3] for the total variation and for jump processes by using the method developed in [4]. Another one is a development of [5] to include infinitely many “small jumps”.   

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